Australian PALMA Win and News

CONGRATULATIONS to All Who competed in South Africa in the World Championships!

Fantastic Results Achieved by the Australian Teams.

The Australian Target Rifle Team has won the World Championships in South Africa winning the Palma Match with a record score.

The Australian Veteran Team also won the World Championship.


Team members from NSW performed outstandingly with

Jim Bailey named the Veteran World Champion also Top World Team Coach with a record score.

Mitch Bailey named The U/25 World Champion

Jim Jeffery named Super Veteran Champion

Brett McCauley produced the highest score ever recorded in the Palma Match.


Australian TR Team included from NSW - Jim Bailey Coach, Ben Emms, Mitch Bailey, Alex Davies, Matt Shepherd, David Brown, Ben Picton,

Jack Picton, Alex Hoffmann, Brett McCauley, Chris Schwebel


Australian TR Veteran Team included from NSW - Neil Gibbins, Scott Brindley, Mike Chad, Barb Schwebel, Jim Jeffery, Mark Buchanan


Australian U/25 Team included from NSW - Mitch Bailey, Chris Schwebel, Alex Hoffmann, Isabelle Cameron , Adam Beale, Jack Picton


These NSW representatives have made us proud of their numerous outstanding marksman feats during the long and arduous tour to South Africa bringing home individual and team awards placing them in the highest level within our sport.


L to R: Mitch Bailey U/25 World Champion, Ash Bidgood World Champion, Jim Bailey Veteran World Champion


Jim Jeffery Super Veteran World Champion

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