28-29 OCTOBER 2023

About the event 

Opportunity for women to:

  • trial all disciplines of target rifle shooting to find out where your interest lies - Service Rifle, Precision Service Rifles, Sporter/Hunter, Biathlon, F-Open, F Class, Field Target Rifle and Target Rifle.
  • meet with some of our international individual and team representatives
  • work with a team of coaches and mentors who’ll guide you through developing these new skills
  • participate in a coached team shoot on the final day for some fun competition!


You'll make your way to the beautiful Anzac Rifle Range.

Camping or bunk style accommodation available.

This event is fully supervised by qualified and experienced NSWRA personnel, who have all the appropriate checks to ensure your safety during your time on the range.

At the end of your time with us, we’ll introduce you to the most relevant NSWRA member club so you can pursue your area of interest.

Cost: 2-3 day registration $120, 1 day only registration $70 


Contact: NSW Rifle Association Office 02 9661 4532/Melissa Harrison NSWRA Executive Officer 0439 402 434/Heather Smith Event Director 0411 131 345.




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