About Us

The NSW Rifle Association is the peak body for rifle clubs in NSW. It was formed in 1860 and at time was closely associated with the military in charge of the colony.

Since the formation, we have seen great changes and the very fact that the Association still exists, albeit it in much smaller dimensions as far as membership numbers, affiliated clubs and District Rifle Associations, is a testimony to the vision and enthusiasm of the founding and members and shows the resilience of the organisation and the dedication of its members.

Our aim at all times is to promote the sport of Target Shooting for the benefit of the sport and its members and to conduct, encourage, promote, advance and administer safe target shooting activities and events throughout New South Wales.

We have a wide range of shooting disciplines that cater to various forms of shooting that include long range 300-1500 yard events using centrefire rifles, rimfire events using .22 calibre rifles & service rifle events. In addition, some of our affiliated clubs also cater for other shooting events including pistol and biathlon activities.

The NSW Rifle Association through its affiliation with the National Rifle Association  of Australia also is an active participant in international competitions such as World Championships and the Commonwealth Games.

Our sport is none discriminatory and our member’s ages vary from 12 years of age to over 100 years of age. We are very proud of the fact that men women and indeed juniors can compete side by side and enjoy the company of other likeminded individuals in what is proven to be a very safe and enjoyable sport.

May the riflemen and women and our junior shooters continue to support this wonderful sport and ensure that the Association continues to exist for many years to come. 


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