This page has been set up for the F Class fraternity to keep them advised of any news or matters relating to this disipline. If you have any suitable content or photos please forward them to webmaster@nswra.org.au.

NSW Queens 2012

Link to Some Photos from 2012 Queens



Dear NSWRA Members,

As you are aware a UIN identification system has been implemented by the NRAA sometime ago.

It is important that all club members register on the NRAA website to obtain a UIN number.

This is very important in identifying members when entering scores for grading purposes. This applies to all members including TR and F Class.

It would be appreciated if you could encourage all members ( those you have not) to apply for their UIN online. If a member has not access to the internet then the club can obtain the required information and enter this online on behalf of the member.

I have attached a link on the NSW F Class website to help you with this task.



Members (who shot F Class in NSW) should be aware that their prize meeting scores are being used to determine their F Class grading. This data is published regularly on the NSW F Class website. Any errors should be reported to me so these can be corrected.


Thank you for your assistance.

John Slack

Web Master