2010 Festival of Sydney Prizeshoot

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A Grade aggregate winner Jim Bailey (Holsworthy) with NSWRA councillor Ian Trevathen  

At the conclusion of the presentation, life members of the MDRA were presented with new Life Member badges. L to R: Peter Grout (Port Jackson), Ken Thompson (Hurstville VDC), John Fitzgerald (Marrickville), Barry Schwebel (Holsworthy), Ian Trevathen (Yorkshire), and John Brooker (Yorkshire). Absent: Maureen Shepherd (Endeavour).


Day 1

Day 2

Grand Aggregate

This year’s Festival of Sydney prize meeting was held over the weekend of January 23rd and 24th and attracted 80 shooters, down slightly on last year’s total of 91. The breakdown was 43 A Grade, 20 F Std, 12 B Grade, 5 C Grade.

Saturday dawned with the promise of an especially hot and humid day. So it proved, the conditions were oppressive until a southerly change came through mid afternoon and started breaking targets. The fourth range of the day was cancelled and a small number of competitors had to complete their third stage first up on Sunday morning. This forced a change of ranges for day 2 in order to accommodate our program of four ranges per day and resulted in the target rifle aggregate being ex 350 and the field class aggregate being ex 420.

Fortunately the conditions were much more pleasant on Sunday and scores were higher. The new ICFRA targets would seem to have made a small difference to the scores.

2009 NSWRA Queens winner Jim Bailey led almost from start to finish but the grand aggregate was always a close fought battle with Steve Negus and Mark Buchanan challenging Jim all the way. F Std was also very tight for a small field and had the range officer chewing his fingernails waiting to see if there was going to be a shoot off for the grand aggregate. Luckily he was spared but only by a single centre as John Peters pipped Peter Drew with Matt Paroz only a few centre’s further back.

B Grade was another close contest with Ron Ware, Ian Trevathen, and eventual grand aggregate winner Fernando Gregorio always in contention, with Fernando winning the day 1 aggregate and Ian the day 2 aggregate. Nigel Oliver blitzed the C Grade field on day 1 with very impressive scores that guaranteed him a quick promotion to B Grade. Congratulations Nigel. Probably unfortunately for him, Nigel had entered for day 1 only so the day 2 and grand aggregates were decided between Mark Trewhella and Peter Scott with Peter’s greater consistency over the two days getting him home.

Significant effort went into attracting sponsorship this year, with quite a few clubs and individuals (including some of the visitors) contributing to the prize and trophy pool. We thank you all. As always there is a hard working crew behind the scenes and while there are too many to acknowledge individually, I would like to thank MDRA President Wendy McGuigan, Competitions Committee head Donna Negus, and Range Officer Ron Spithill. Thanks also to the MDRA volunteers who conducted a working bee on the butts and target numbers a couple of weeks before the shoot.

The next prize meeting on the MDRA calendar is the Anzac Day shoot on the afternoon of 25th April.