New South Wales Rifle Association Inc Administration

President to be advised  
Chairman John Baxter* Western
Deputy Chairman Graham Crowe* Co-opted
Treasurer John Leask* Co-opted
Other Council Members  Eva Patrick Metropolitan MDRA
  Matt Paroz Metropolitan Nth SHore
  Peter Harris Southern

Owen Henry Metropolitan MDRA
  Louis Smith Metropolitan MRCA
  John Maguire Mid/Northern
 Executive Committee* John Baxter
  Graham Crowe
  John Leask
   Louis Cartwright  
Executive Officer David McGuigan  
Administration Officer Rick Ashton  
Store Manager Sue Schwebel  
 Store Staff Russell Hardy  
Honorary Positions    
State Range Officer (Fullbore) John Leask  
State Range Officer (Service) Arthur Johnston  
State Range Officer (Field) TBA  
State Coaching Director TBA  

Competition Director TBA  
Range Safety and Compliance Peter Harris  



Contact Details

PO Box 386
Maroubra NSW 2035

Phone: 02 9661 4532

Store: 02 9311 7485

Fax: 02 9661 6042