Anzac Range


The NSWRA as we know it today has had an illustrious past. It has come through times of difficulty and danger, times of triumph and adversity.

 Established for over 150 years since it’s formation the movement has provided facilities and training that has seen our members being selected to represent NSW and Australia with distinction on the worldwide stage as well as provide a friendy atmosphere for families to enjoy the sport of rifle shooting at Malabar range in Sydney.

During our 150 years we have hosted many overseas teams. Our greatest international event was hosting the 1988 Bicentennial championships. This which was attended by teams from all over the world. Typical comments from visiting teams on our Sydney facilities and the welcome they receive can be summed up from a recent overseas captain’s report.

Delighted to have been on what was generally reckoned to have been the most enjoyable shooting tour ever. This report can barely do it justice, and there is only one possible word to describe it. Fantastic!”

In the past our facilities have been used by others and  have been instrumental in training our armed forces and police. With the training received these organisations have been acclaimed for their accurate and safe marksmanship skills which has helped save many lives.

We are also immensley proud of the fact that of all  Australia’s  Victorian Cross winners no less than seven have had proud backgrounds as being members of Australian rifle clubs. No other organisation can boast such a proud record.

Despite being one of the safest sports and our enviable records the current Australian Labour Government has initiated action that may lead the NSWRA being evicted from land it has occupied for over 150 years.

This action has been taken despite the previous Liberal Government agreeing, after some 20 years of fighting our action through the courts, that we do indeed have a good case to remain and serve the needs of Sydney and NSW as the premier shooting range for NSW.