The NSW Rifle Association wishes to thank all the sponsors of our trophies whose support is greatly appreciated.
Country Championship    (country shooter in grand)
Ben Piction - Mungindi 791.84
N.R.A.of Australia Gold Medal 
Jim Bailey 450.56
N.R.A.of Great Britian Medal
Steve Williams - Bathurst 791.83
Overseas Trophy donated by Bob Spithill 
Mike Collings 446.55
Paul Burmistrew Memorial Trophy in Queens   donated by NSW Police
Peter Thurtell - Wingham 448.57
Senior Sgt John Murphy Memorial trophy donated by NSWRA 
Nigel Paul - TNTNW 100.13
Jim Kirkwood Memorial Trophy donated by NSWRA & Rockdale Rifle Club 
Steve Negus 100.16
Lyth Revell Memorial Trophy B grade donated by Riverina DRA 
Lothar Ross - Cairns 99.8
Lyth Revell Memorial Trophy C grade donated by Riverina DRA 
Eric Wilson - Holsworthy 94.8
Tom Hancock Memorial donated by Mr I.W.Trevathen 
James Martin - Roseville 443.44 City
Bronte Thurtell  - Wingham 440.45 Country
The Dubbo Cup donated by Michael Wood for the NSW shooter in the Queens with the highest score. 
The recipient can not have won a Queens shoot
Ken Young - Sthn Highlands 448.58
Doug McLaughlin Memorial Trophy donated by the family of the late Doug McLaughlin 
for the Veteran with the highest score in the Queens
Ken Young - Sthn Highlands 448.58
Veteran in the Queens    5 NSW Rifle Association spoons
Ken Young - Sthn Highlands 448.58
Ian Moss - Natives 447.61
Helen Griffiths- Pacific 447.58
Spencer Dunstall - Ungarie 447.55
John Brooker - Yorkshire 445.57
Ladies in Queens    NSWRA trophy
Helen Griffiths - Pacific 447.58
The Tyro in Queens donated by Gnome Accessories 
Martin Smith - Cowra 412.16
The Families Trophy donated by Metropolitan DRA for any family pair in the first day of the Queens
Mark Thurtell 298.38
Peter Thurtell
Richard Coombes 3/5/600m Agg
K Berman 150.16
S Negus 150.23
A McGuigan 149.18 449.57
Liebert 6/7/800m Agg
Holsworthy Red
Jim Bailey 175.24
Barbara Bell 175.27
Donna Negus 173.22 523.73
Ken Lee 5/800m
Holsworthy Red
Barbara Bell 121.11
Donna Negus 123.12
Jim Bailey 125.13 369.36
School shooter in Queens donated by Junior Shooting Association 
Bronte Thurtell - Wingham 440.45
Under 21 in Queens  (Daily Telegraph) 
Bronte Thurtell - Wingham 440.45
Lachlan Martin - Roseville 434.31
Edward Cartwright - MNB 433.32
John Roberts Trophy for B grade double 800 in Queens
Mike Rankin - Wangaratta 148.18
AARA Trophy
Angus Bell